• Scalped While Paralyzed: Most Famous Ghost Story in Texas History
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    Scalped While Paralyzed: Most Famous Ghost Story in Texas History

    Scalped by Comanches while temporarily paralyzed—Josiah Wilbarger was fully conscious but felt nothing as the warrior ran the knife around the top of his head. When the Comanche yanked his hair free, Wilbarger heard a sound like distant thunder and everything went black.

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    Hank Williams & the Goat Testicle Doctor

    As a boy in Alabama, Hank Williams would go out to the car at night and listen to country music broadcast from a million-watt, outlaw radio tower in Mexico. It was owned by a doctor who made a fortune sewing goat testicles into politicians and movie stars. Dr. John Romulus Brinkley inserted so many goat gonads into Hollywood actors that it inspired the film term “goat gland,” the grafting of talkie sequences into silent movies.

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    Mysterious Shadow Figure in Old West Photo

    Who or what is the mysterious shadow figure in the background of this old west photo? Glance at this 1886 image of Geronimo’s surrender and you might miss the strange form behind the Apaches. But look closer and you’ll spot it: a dark figure rising over the fourth Apache from the right, behind the frame of the wickiup. Can you solve this historical mystery?

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    Far Blue Mountains

    Introducing the Beloved Captive Trilogy. Changeling destiny—an injured Apache girl adopted by a powerful rancher, the rancher’s son kidnapped in revenge by the last free Apaches. Inspired by historical events that took place in the 1920s Sierra Madre, the Beloved Captive trilogy is a gothic western series like no other. In 1926, when rancher Jubal McKenna discovers an injured Apache girl and welcomes her into his family, he sets in motion an irrevocable exchange of destiny. The girl is a member of the last unsurrendered Apaches. They live in freedom well into the 20th century, hidden in the wild mountains of Mexico, where they keep the old ways. An eye…